Organizing My Storage Area on a Budget

After over two years of living in this house, I have finally tackled my basement storage area! I really don’t know why it took me so long. However, the closer I get to my due date (of July 31), the more motivated I am to tackle house projects, and I have declared  LaundryRoom a serious war on all possible clutter or useless items lurking about the house.

This project is definitely not anywhere close to magazine worthy, but I still wanted to share, because it’s real life organizing. This is the main extra storage area of our house, an it’s just a little unfinished room in our basement. It’s just not pretty and it gets no natural light, but I’m so thankful to have such a large storage area. I also did this project on a zero dollar budget. I didn’t think the unfinished storage room was worthy of spending tons of money on matching storage containers, so I used what I had. I’ll admit I do happen to have a lot of different organizing bins since I’m such an organizing addict.

I did use matching labels on everything to try to unify the space, and I think it definitely helped. These are my chalkboard labels edged in white, and I love how well the white edging makes them show up even on darker bins. Also, it will be super easy to change what the label says if the contents of the bin change. You can get some labels like this here.

StorageRoomOrganization 15

This is the large bookshelf that contains cleaning supplies, spray paints, miscellaneous items, and extra kitchen stuff:

StorageRoomOrganization 8

To the left of this, we have this wall with two small bookshelves and some built in upper shelves: StorageRoomOrganization 1

StorageRoomOrganization 11

The built in shelves in this room are a little bit strange. They are narrow and kind of built on the studs, so it makes the space a little awkward. Toe the left we have some more built in shelves:

StorageRoomOrganization 6

You’ll notice some bins are empty. That will gives us room to grow, and this is also where I store my extra organizing bins. It’s bad when you have to organize your organizing bins, but I’m sure my fellow organizing addicts will understand!

The opposite wall from all this houses are washer and dryer, and there are a couple built in shelves above those:

StorageRoomOrganization 10

StorageRoomOrganization 9

I’m so happy to have this room organized, and I only have one more small space of clutter in another part of the basement to tackle before I can say the house is completely organized! That space will also be tackled before the baby arrives, and some of that stuff will move into here.

I also did a video tour of this space. In the video, I talk about what’s in each bin, so I’m not going to include that in the post:

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