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This was a blog all about my weight loss struggles, but as I blogged my heart out about those struggles, I discovered a few things. Namely, that my life is about so much more than my weight struggles, and I want to share my whole journey with you, not just one little part. I’ll be sharing more recipes (including a few sweets – my forte!), lots about organizing (definitely one of my passions), a little about photograph and Project Life, a few smaller DIY projects around the house along with continuing to share my weight loss journey. Just subscribe via e-mail in the sidebar (you get a bonus freebie) and like me on Facebook so you don’t miss anything. If you want to read all the details about my transition from all about to weight loss to so much more, read this post.

I’m now 28, and I have seriously struggled with my weight for my entire adult life. I was first overweight at the age of 13 and have been trying to lose weight ever since. You know the story. I would feel bad about my weight, try a strict diet, manage ever so painfully to lose 20 pounds only to fall completely off the wagon after a few weeks and gain it all back plus some. Then I would feel so awful about my complete failure that it would take me months to work up the courage to try again.

I ended that cycle on April 11, 2011 by making 3 commitments to myself. You can read all it about my plan in this Open Letter to My Readers. I added one more commitment 4 weeks later. My approach is very simple and completely different than any approach I’ve tried before. I’m not counting anything – no points, no calories, no nothing. It’s just real life and using common sense. (I make it sound easy. Trust me, it’s not!) You can see my weigh-in results in my sidebar, so you can see that it’s working!

Weight loss isn’t easy for me. (Not that it is for anyone.) I am a vegetable-hating, running might kill me, die hard chocoholic. Those habits are hard to change, but I’m working on it one step at a time. You’ll find me talking about my daily struggles, giving weekly weigh-in reports, sharing lots of healthy recipes (like my all time favorite recipe or my most popular recipe), and lots of tips and ideas on how to exercise even when your not an exercise lover. I’ll share an occasional menu plan or food journal but this isn’t a what-I-ate-today blog. (I love those blogs as well, by the way).

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